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It’s The Daily Mail of the telly world…

October 19, 2006

Now, I know that waking up stupidly early five days a week can tend to make people a bit doolally sometimes, but I really am starting to fear for the GMTV presenters’ sanity. Watching Daily Mail TV is usually amusing enough (I shun the beeb in the morning in favour of lighter fare) with panic about the roads being dug up or bird flu set to kill everyone in the world. But this morning we were in for a special treat courtesy of Kate Garraway and Ben Shepherd. At the alleged news that Mel B is pregnant with Eddie Murphey’s baby, Kate sat back aghast, obviously about to say something intelligent and insightful about the unlikely relationship, “Do you know what? I just can’t believe it. It’s just fascinating.” “Well,” said Ben, sagely and with absolutely no sense of irony at all. “It does happen you know…” Yes, Ben. It’s called fertilisation.

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