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Over and out… for a week or so

October 3, 2006

Okay, I’m off on my hols for a week from tomorrow, so there’ll be some down time on this here blog for a while.

Use the time to brush up on this lot while I’m away. There’ll be a quiz on my return:

Wednesday 4th
BBC1, 9pm Who Do You Think You Are?
See how far back the orange gene goes, in David Dickenson’s family.

Ch4 9pm Family Brat Camp.
Watch other families yell at each other. In the wilderness. Feel smug.

Saturday 7th
BBC1 7.05 Robin Hood.
Billed as “The original hoody.” It does look good, though, so forgive its embarrassingly dubious marketing.

BBC1 7.50 Stricly Come Dancing.
Just to laugh at Spoony, mind…

BBC2 9.30 It’s… The Monty Python Story.
–Insert catchphrase here-

By the way – if anyone’s recording Extras this (and next) Thursday, and would like to lend it to me, I’ll be eternally grateful…

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