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A disgusting pig of a man

October 3, 2006

What can I say about last night’s Celebrity Wife Swap that isn’t painfully obvious? That John McCririck is probably (no, actually strike the probably) the most disgusting man I’ve ever seen? That he treats his wife terribly (bordering on abuse)? That she is a fool/saint for accepting it? That – omi gawd – their house is gorgeous?!

Well, yes, all these things, but more – kudos to Curry for getting through the whole thing with only a bit of wine in the face for an outburst. The moment John walked through his front door, he was pushing those buttons. From asking her about her rendezvous with John Major, to insulting her politics (not to mention her breasts), he dealt blow after blow, which seemed water off a duck’s back to Curry. Round two, and Curry’s rules weren’t enforced very well, with McCririck lording it in his bed like that big fat man in Austin Powers (I’m sure I heard him mention that he was “touching cloth” at one point.) He ended up making Curry cry, which just goes to show what a horrible, impossible man he is…

I never really thought much about Curry before last night (being so sprightly as to only vaguely remember the egg saga) but I really admired her for sticking with John for the whole swap and not seriously doing him some damage as would so many… Then she ruined it all, by not letting Jenny/Booby have her say at the end. I’d have loved to have heard her reasoning for letting someone treat her like that, but Edwina kept speaking over her, eventually making Booby flip (not a pretty sight, especially with a 50+ Booby).

Anyway, Jenny seems to be a clever woman (she managed to hold down Edwina’s job as a social commentator okay) and it’s not as if she’s dressed in rags, or lives in squalor (not like her regurgitation of a husband anyway), so I assume she has accepted her life as it is (and maybe she quite likes it?) After all, it’s not as if she has to spend much time with him. He spends all his time in bed or at the races, leaving her to more or less live an independent lifestyle (when she’s not running around after him, that is). What a perfect marriage…

PS. Incidentally, John’s description of the Booby bird ain’t quite right. But the bird does bear uncanny similarities to Jenny: “The name booby is descriptive not only of the rather stupid facial expression of these birds, but also of their unwary gullible behaviour when hunted by man – a fact that accounts of their diminishing numbers.”

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