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The week’s round up…

October 2, 2006

Due to illness, this here blog has been a tad quiet of late. Apologies. Now to a very short blog about what I’ve been watching over my illness (short because I actually have a lot of work to catch up on due to said illness, and am going on holiday in a few days). So here goes:

Extras. Who knew Daniel Radcliff could a) act and b) do comedy. Superb. These Extras episodes just get better and better.

What Not To Wear. Come back Trin and Suse. All is forgiven. Mica Paris: how can you advise people what to wear when you’re wearing a pencil skirt, stretched to tight over your thunder thighs, we can see your cellulite?

Dragon’s Den (Where Are They Now?). A tad disappointing. They’re spending too much time on what happened back then, and less time gloating on what they are (or are not!) up to now.


Charlotte Church. Give it up, luv.

Friday Night With Jonothan Ross. Honestly, complaints about Jonothan Ross being rude about council house ruffians? Pointless. And (as a wise man pointed out to me this morning – they would have got more, but the chavs were too busy being out on this piss, trying to start fights and pull each other).


The X Factor. Boot Camp. Sharon’s team ponder over whether to accept wheelchair bound Kerry into the next round. Beardy-Wierdy man says: “I’m really trying not to focus on the chair.” “Vocally, she’s not the strongest of the lot,” says Record Label man. “Yes… “ says Sharon. “But… she’s got this… aura about her.” Yes Shaz. It’s called a wheelchair. And with that, Kerry sailed off into the next round.

Incidentally Shaz, there’s something called The Disability Discrimination Act in this country which states that all people should have access to shops, theatres, etc. So why the feck was there no ramp for Kerry to gain access to the stage? You’d think, if you had a disabled person in your category, you’d make sure you were properly organised in that respect and not have to embarrass the girl by having people lifting her up and down, and in and out… Shame, Sharon.

Jane Eyre. Excellent. As usual.


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