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Sneak peak at Lost season 3

September 27, 2006

So now Lost S2 is all over on terrestrial, it’s now time to turn our attentions to season 3. Click here for some promos, one of which proves there has to be an underground bunker of some sort…

Sadly, I shall be trekking around the Alps when Lost S3 screens in the US, so for once I shalln’t be first with all the Lost goss… But I’m certainly looking forward to a double episode Lost-fest on my return.


My spies tell me that the first episode of season 4 will be Jack-centric. In a flashback, we see his give a young blonde girl the Heimlich manoeuvre when he finds her choking in a park. We also see more of his wife Sarah. We’ll also see more of why he feels so guilty about his dad. At the start of the first episode, Jack is in a glass enclosure, and will be interacting a lot with a character we haven’t yet seen. Kate is in an examining room, and will be interacting with a character we know! And Sawyer is behind bars…

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