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September 22, 2006

Many thought of it as porn for the middle classes, but for me, it was a perfect opportunity to view the behind the scenes antics of twenty-something solicitors, following their dramatic ups and downs (and not just with drugs), loves and loathes and really get into the heads of those who keep our justice system going. Okay, I also watched it because I was guaranteed to see Andrew Lincoln’s bum most episodes.

Anyway, huzzah and hooray, it’s back for a one-off ten-year anniversary episode some time soon (ish). Yes, ten years. But let’s gloss over that before we start wondering where out lives have gone and what the feck we’ve been doing chained to our desks all this time, and gaze in wonderment at This Life ten years on. What’s happened with Miles and Anna (the UK version of Ross and Rachel, except with worse hair and more sex)?

Sure, it’ll be weird (and probably not very good). I’ll certainly feel strange watching Jack Davenport walking around without his breeches, and not chasing Captain Jack Sparrow; and watching Egg without a GCSE text book in his hand will be unsettling. But hey, it’ll certainly be well worth the trip down memory (or should that be mammary?) lane…

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