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An evening for those devoid of personality

September 20, 2006

Check out Wednesdays on Channel 4 – proper Nanny-state telly if ever I saw it. First up at 8pm, Kim and Aggie ask How Clean Is Your House, where they roam around the country, peering through people’s bird-shit-stained windows, and clean up their houses.

Next, at 9pm, the horrendous ‘Dr’ Gillian McKeith tells us that You Are What You Eat as she roams around the country, telling people not to eat chips (does anyone else think she looks like a vulture?).

A recent addition to this mad melange is Ian Wright, who has tooootally jumped on the Jamie Oliver bandwagon, and is in search of Ian Wright’s Unfit Kids. Here he roams around the country, visiting fat kids and telling them that they’re fat. Thrilling stuff.

Tonight, there’s an added bonus to encourage us to er… take up ballet: Ballet Changed My Life: Ballet Hoo! (that’s the full title, by the way, not my reaction to it). I’m assuming someone will be roaming around the country, encouraging people to don tights and leotards in a bit of become more fit? Possibly?

Luckily, I know that I am untidy, overweight and unfit – and I grew out of ballet when I was six. Okay, 12 (cheers, mum). So I am off to the gym to do something about it (instead of sitting morosly in front of the TV, wishing it could be different).

** By the way, I totally realise the possible perceived hypocrisy of this latest blog compared to the Jamie Oliver ‘right to fatty food’ rant below. Except that this isn’t a freedom of choice issue. It’s a having-a-personality issue… so ner.

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  1. superficialprincess permalink
    September 25, 2006 4:21 pm

    Wow, an abundance of cool blogs. Thanks Madge!

    Oh, and Dr Gillian McKeith looks like an angel. Because that’s what she is!


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