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It’s not about Wales, okay?

September 15, 2006

Can’t get enough of Dragon’s Den (BBC2, Thursdays 8pm) at the moment (hang on, two positive blogs on the same evening? What’s happening to me?) Not sure what it is about the series that’s so addictive. Is it the whole lambs to the slaughter, car crash telly, or is it a genuine interest in entrepreneurial-ism and invensions… The former, definitely the former.

My fave three Dragons are:
Richard Farleigh, who is surely a left-over Spitting Image puppet with that face…

Deborah Meaden, she who rivals Maggie Thatcher in the scariest eyes stakes.

And Theo Paphitis – just don’t get him angry… or feed him after midnight.

Last night’s was great. This poor chap who had no experience of business what-so-ever had invented a revolutionary gadget to help with child’s safety belts. He hadn’t researched the market, didn’t know any figures at all, and yet still managed to get some wonga out of them because the invension was so good. I have a fondness for train drivers after a good few years of them ferrying me around every day (and night), so I was thrilled when he did a deal with two Dragons in the end. Good on you, sir (although I do wonder if he should be paying more attention to the tracks and less on his inventions).

I feel cheated that I’ve only just got into this series. Before (when I was living over the border) I thought it was a programme about Wales and so didn’t bother with it (not that programmes about Wales are boring, Welsh-fans, just not really my cuppa). Damn my mild-xenophobia… Anyway, I hear that next week is the last one for the time being, so I’ll be setting my video so I can watch the wrath of Paphitis over and over until next series.

Oh, and Theo – lend us a tenner mate…?

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  1. Rhian permalink
    September 15, 2006 10:23 pm

    But I’m sure those seatbelt things already exist, I’ve seen things to lower kids’ seatbelts for years! Obviously no one on the programme has…

    I felt sorry for the guy with the cricket ball thing. I can’t stand people’s disappointment in things, I ended up putting my hands over my ears and going ‘la la laaaa’. Did anyone else think he would end up going bankrupt cos he believed in that thing so much he’d put all his money into it? 😦

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