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Extra, extra!

September 15, 2006

So, the much-anticipated second series of Extras aired last night, and I’m thrilled to say I wasn’t disappointed. It wasn’t the strongest episode, but there’s definitely something building, with the filming of Andy’s dire sitcom, and Barry-from-Eastenders on top form.

I’ve been reading this book about The Office (yes, I am obsessed) and it seems that a lot of what we saw in Extras last night is actually based on real events. Seems that Merchant and Gervais were very concerned not to have a laughter track, a catchphrase and a ‘set’ and had a few run-ins with the producers and money-people from the beeb.

Aanyway, enough geekery. Orlando Bloom was sterling as the image- obsessed version of himself, slagging off Johnny Depp (“Willy Wonka? More like Johnny Wanker”) and Maggie’s ‘friend’ Louise’s constant bitching. Classic. Looking forward to the Daniel Radcliffe episode – saw some clips and let’s just say I don’t think I’ll ever watch Harry Potter in the same light again…

Keep ‘em coming, please, Mr Gervais.

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