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More classic telly

September 6, 2006

Took a trip to the National Museum of Photography, Film & Television over the weekend and I strongly recommend it. There’s the usual crap about the History of TV (old sets, how they went about developing it over the years, yadda yadda yadda). But the real gem of the TV bit of the museum is the exhibition all about classic telly.

There, you’ll find most of your old faves, from the Playschool toys and the cast of Rainbow, to Morph, the Wombles and a Dalek or two… We had some time to kill (eight long hours in all) and so made good use of the ‘watching classic telly in special pods’ facilities. First up, Mr Badger chose Captain Pugwash and was surprised to note that the cabin boy was actually called Tom. Or Tim. Well, anyway, it wasn’t Roger as he had remembered (his mind isn’t what it was, bless). Then it was my turn and with so much to choose, I had to be sure to pick the very best. So it was the first ever episode of Hollyoaks and episode five of Press Gang.

Hollyoaks was rather disappointing and not how I remembered, so the less said of that the better. But Press Gang was just as I’d remembered, if not better. It was this ITV kids’ programme that made me want to pursue a career in journalism (thanks, Linda, Spike et al – why couldn’t there have been a series about child Lawyers, or young Doctors or young mega millionaire, eh?).

Who can forget the prickly Linda, suave Spike, adorable Colin and stressed sub, Sarah (ahem)? And the whole Linda-Spike-will-they-won’t-they? malarky was a classic (“I vole you!” yay!) A young Lucy Benjamin (she of trembly-lipped Lisa Mitchell fame) was even a regular cast member – see?

Anyway, it was lovely to see it again, and I must say, I’m very tempted to buy the complete box set (that’s five series in all folks) for £30 at Amazon. Well… It’s going on the birthday list, anyway…

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  1. Cathy permalink
    September 8, 2006 12:55 pm

    Mr Google Alert(s) kindly plonked this in my inbox this morning so felt I had to comment. As a Press Gang fan, clearly I should.

    You should definitley pur-chase the series boxset, for it is a joyus thing indeed ! Hurrah for it being in the Museum !

    Cathy x


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