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Seeing red

September 1, 2006

I don’t know much about genetics. But I know that of all the hair types in the world, ginger hair is the most rare. So how come there been a sudden influx of red-heads in Albert Square of late? First Bradders and his carrot-topped father, then Stacey’s brother (more on him later), but did anyone notice last night when Stacey and Bradders went to get an abortion, there was a ginger couple in the waiting room? Now look, Enders crew, I’m all for equality, but do we have to over egg the pudding?

So, now. Back to Sean Slater. Well, hello there! Brooding good looks – check, Cute dimples – check, a bad-boy past – check, fiercely protective of his faaayyymly (okay, sister) – check… Hmmm… is he a possible replacement for the Harman perhaps? Well anyway, I’ve done a bit of detective work (okay, I’ve had a look at the enders website) and have discovered that Robert Kazinsky is actually a damned good stage fighter (so that explains all those wicked moves, eh?) whose fave film is Rain Man. Bless. So, more of him please enders writers. Lots more.

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