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Top Trumps

August 31, 2006

And they say Americans have no sense of irony… As the first reject from last night’s first episode of the US Apprentice (Wednesdays BBC2, 11.20pm) walked to his taxi, what should be advertised on the top of said taxi but a Yahoo job-finders service… Classic.

This is the first American version of the series I’ve managed to catch and although the format is the same (right down to the theme music), the ‘interviewees’ are far more Machiavellian than their UK counterparts. Before the big boardroom show down, members of the losing team held various secret rendezvous and whispered conversations about whose neck was on the line. The team leader even told one bloke he was bringing him in with him but that he was sure the other bloke (Danny, he of the awful dress sense and hippy guitar playing) he was bringing in would get it. There were secret pacts going on left, right and centre, which (of course) were then broken down when it came to the crunch.

Now I know there was a lot of back-stabbing shenanigans going on last series (Syed mostly), but I’d love to see more in your face game playing and tactics going on in the new series (coming very soon, yay!).

PS I’m sure I’ve seen Trump’s crony Carolyn somewhere before. Maybe in a Pretty Polly advert or something… I’m racking my brains, but can’t put my finger on it. If anyone knows, do get in touch, it’s driving me mad…!

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