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Groundhog day…

August 29, 2006

In today’s heady world of terrorist bombings, wars, and hurricanes, it’s nice to know that one thing remains constant. Certain. Never changing. That, my friends, is the X Factor. Watching the X Factor is becoming a bit like ground hog day for me. Yes, I know I’ve already mentioned this is a former blog, but I really do think they release the same show every year and then swan off on holiday. Already we’ve had 4Sure, the four-piece a cappella boy band that really really want to be American, Ashley from Bristol who breezed through his audition, even though his voice was a tad dodgy, just because he “had a good style” (i.e Sharon fancies him).

And if Simon does that whole looking-up-from-his-notes-because-someone’s-good-
and-he’s-surprised thing one more time (I counted three times in that one episode last week) then I’m afraid that’s it for me…

Even the one sweet moment from last Saturday’s audition show was a tried-and-tested tear-jerking scene. The ‘I’m-too-young-but-I auditioned-anyway’ came from Paris, 14, from Liverpool, who pretended to be 16 just so Simon could hear her voice. Aw, bless her. Described as “a breathe of fresh air” (too bloody right, she’s fresh! She’s, er… not even ripe so to speak) the judges told little Paris, who’s classically trained, to come back in two years… Where they’ll no-doubt tell her that she’s ‘not right’ for the show.

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