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Frankly, I’d rather walk…

August 25, 2006

Close your eyes… Okay, open them so you can keep reading, but imagine you’re in a plane flying over the Italian Alps. All is fine, until suddenly the plane starts shaking, tossing you about in your seat. The oxygen masks fall down, the plane starts to nose-dive, with that terrifying nose-diving plane sound. Even the air stewardesses are screaming… You look out the window and those Alps are coming straight at you… All around you, you can hear screaming, crying – the sound of absolute terror. That’s how I feel when I think about flying.

So I was most interested to watch Channel 4’s Fear of Flying last night, featuring Lawrence Leyton, a motivational speaker/magician/positive thinking guru (yes, another one of them). He took 40 people, who at the start, couldn’t even contemplate going near a plane and by the end, 38 were sitting on a plane, giggling as it flew through the air (although a part of me was very pleased for the 38, I couldn’t help but wonder what awful irony it would be if something went wrong with the plane when they were going on about how great they felt).

I’ve had a looky on Lawrence’s site (which is more or less geared towards selling his ‘conquer your fear’ software – it’s only £40, folks!) and I’m rather tempted to try his tapping-your-face-and-neck-whilst-muttering-your-phobia-to-yourself technique (although with today’s flying climate, I’m sure I shall escorted off the plane before it even starts to taxi out).

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