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I feel all empty inside…

August 21, 2006

So… it’s all over and I can go back to blogging about proper TV, like Eastenders, The Apprentice and documentaries about women who give birth to their twins…

Really glad Pete won, but his jumping around the place, falling down/up stairs got a bit predictable (especially on last night’s Big Brother’s Little Brother’s Big BBQ – big bloody hell! When I saw him on the top of the stairs, I thought, “Oh, I bet he’s going to fall –“ oh! And he did… Maybe it’s time to get a new act, my love). I’d’ve rather he had sat there, during Glyn’s interview, looking rather vulnerable, with tears of joy cascading down his little face like they all do – and surely he should have been told off by BB for totally wrecking the living room… Naughty boy.

Also really glad Glyn got such a lovely reception, and half thinking maybe he should have won after all… Not that I’m jumping on any kind of bandwagon, oh no. Really glad he got that letter from Rodrey Morgan, as he (and Imogen) should be proud of bringing the Welsh language to a mass audience. You never hear Welsh on TV (unless you’re unlucky enough to have the madness-inducing S4C), and it was interesting to see it being used in the day-to-day (and not, for example, on that god-awful soap Pobol Cwm).

Bit peeved with BB this year (as you may have gathered). They pride themselves on their screening/auditioning process, but this year has proved that, either there is no screening, or… well… it ain’t that good after all… Nicki had an eating disorder, Pete had a nervous breakdown, Shebaz… well, Shebaz is Shebaz… It’s clear the makers are so desperate for the boredom of BB3 not to be repeated that they’ll let anyone in. Someone made a joke over the weekend that those who say BB is dumbing down TV should eat their words after this year’s in-out-shake-it-all-about malarkey. But you don’t need twists and turns for BB to be entertaining. Those who entertained us in the BB house (Pete, Glyn, Richard – okay, Nicki to some extent) did so without the need for surprises or secret rooms. They entertained us with – get this new concept, BB – their personalities.

So. On to the next bit of freak show telly. The X Factor. Contestant predictions this year: A young good-looking boy, with a good voice (and who’s possibly got a touch background) who Louis will hail as “the next Robbie Williams;” an even younger boy (probably not so good-looking) with an amazing voice, but who won’t get through because he doesn’t have the right image; a fat mother; someone who thinks they’re amazing but isn’t really (and who goes very far for some odd reason); the ‘novelty’ act.

Judge predictions this year: Someone will throw water over Simon. Or Louis. Or both; Sharon will talk in a squeaky voice at some stage; Sharon will bring one of her dogs on to judge; Simon will find more than one audition “the worst he’s ever heard.”; Louis and Simon will fall out dramatically over one of the acts; One of the acts will fall out with Simon (probably his own); Sharon will apologise for perving on the young finalists.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    September 7, 2006 10:12 am

    It’s Rhodri, not ‘Rodrey’.

    RE: ‘madness-inducing’

    While I’m no rabid nationalist, why shouldn’t there a mainstream Welsh language channel be broadcast in Wales?

    And Pobol Y Cwm is the longest running soap opera produced by the BBC (even though it goes out on S4C).

  2. Madge permalink
    September 7, 2006 10:19 am

    Okay, it’s Rhodri, yes sorry, sorry sorry – should have checked spelling of that, oops.

    Regarding S4C, of course the Welsh should have their own channel full of Welsh-language stuff. But they should also offer Channel 4 for those who want to see Channel 4 things in English and on at a reasonable time – not five weeks later and at 12.30 at night. Grrr…

    And Pobol Y Cwm might be long-running, but it’s still shite.

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