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Final furlong…

August 16, 2006

So we’re on the final lap and our housemates are starting to worry about how they’ve ‘been portrayed’ to the outside world. By this, of course, they mean that they’re worried about all the bitching, farting and masturbating they’ve been doing on camera, and what the public will think.

For some housemates, this has been a concern for some time (Aisleyne is in a constant state of turmoil about being booed – well if she will insist on wearing a net curtain with cheesewire for knickers) whereas it’s only just dawning on others. And to make matters worse, last night the housemates were shown their ‘audition clips’. Cue much hilarity and cringing. Aisleyne spent about a year running around the living room, screaming and burying her head in the cushions, Oh god, woman, all you said was that you’d fuck someone up if dey messed wiv you, roite?… No need to get that upset about it. Or were you just embarrassed about that awful, awful lip liner (Caggy from BB1 anyone – ahh the good old days?) Anyway.

Glyn was also a tad anxious about the views shown in his demo reel, and hoped the public understood he was joking. Best quote of the night: “Jesus Glyn, you wanked into a condom in the shower… And you’re worried about your audition tape?”

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