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"It’s like, the best love story… ever"

August 14, 2006

Romeo and Juliet, Wuthering Heights, Casablanca… The greatest love stories of all time? Not according to Aisleyne, who prefers a more simple tale of ‘Whiney girl goes away, boy misses girl. Girl comes back,’ as her sob-inducing masterpiece.

Although it was lovely to see Pete smile again last Friday night as Nikki dashed into his (and gooseberry Richard’s) arms, let’s hope they don’t spend the whole of this week surgically attached to each other as they have done so far. Seeing them snogging and groping does get a little tiresome after a while, you know… And I’m not sure it’ll do Pete any favours on the whole winning front either. Remember Helen and Paul? Stu and Michelle? Jade and er PJ? Couples aren’t popular when it comes to BB. Sure, we love watching it all come together – the whole will they, won’t they malarkey. But then when they actually do get together we get bored. Or maybe a bit disgusted with ourselves for actually watching two people Do Stuff (shudder). The thrill of the chase is always loads of fun, so perhaps Pete better tread carefully if he’s to see of Glyn’s stiff competition.

Second best quote from Friday: Richard’s noble “I had to do it for you, Pete.” when he chose Nikki over Lea. Yeah, because not seeing an aquaintance for a seven days is such a sacrifice, Rich…

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