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Curves are sexy. But only in a corset?

August 11, 2006

Fat Beauty Contest (Channel 4, Thursday 10 August, 9pm) featured Charlotte Coyle, a Plus-Size model who tried to challenge the notion that only skinny women can be attractive. Except she did this by auditioning a group of larger ladies and then sticking them in corsets for her beauty padgeant… Surely that defeats the whole purpose of trying to prove that “curvy can be sexy too.”

Surely a better way of going about it would have been to dress the ladies in flattering clothing, pampering them and making them feel empowered and sexy. Not pouring them into corsets, hoiking everything in, up and out to produce the most un-flattering silhouette I’ve seen and then pushing them down a catwalk and making them do a stupid dance while pulling ridiculous pouty/smiley faces. “Ooooh, look how flat my tummy is,” proclaimed one voluptuous lady. Yeah, but look at how your fat is oozing out the top and bottom, luv.

All the way through the documentary? We had to put up with Charlotte’s annoying way? Of sounding like she’s asking questions? At the end of her sentences? All the time? “I just hate this whole system whereby a size 16 isn’t sexy? Most of the women in the UK are a size 16?”

Charlotte, honey, by sticking them in corsets, you’ve just proved that you’re a part of the system too…

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