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It’s not fair, BB!

August 10, 2006

Big Brother, I am disappointed in you. Not only have you wasted lots of viewers’ time and money in disregarding their wishes by sticking four ex housemates back in, but you’ve given them the opportunity to win BB too – surely that goes against everything BB stands for. Okay, I understand that “BB has the right to change the rules at any point,”but this is just ludicrous. How can Nicky now go on to win when she’s been chosen BY THE PUBLIC not to win in the first place. Okay, so we were all a little surprised when she was evicted, and she’s been hailed as the ‘unofficial winner’ but it’s unfair to place her (or any evictee) back in the house when they’ve courted the media for a good few weeks, had makeovers and have wised-up to what the others are saying. Good TV, maybe. But Good pure BB it sure ain’t…

I almost went into a “It wouldn’t have happened in my day” rant then, did you notice?

Giving the money to charity doesn’t do much to sweeten the pill either. It just shows that BB knew that what they’re doing is wrong, in the first place. I heard that BB did this because it was so obvious who would win this year. But it really isn’t obvious. Okay, it’s going to be either Pete or Glyn but at this stage in every other year there have always been a two or three faves: Anna and Craig, Brian and Helen, Kate, Jade and Johnny, Cameron and Steph, Nadia and Stuart and Anthony and Eugene… So no need for this “ooooh, who will win?” malarky. It’s all so terribly orchestrated and controlled and I think there’s only so much Bb should do control-wise. Last night’s show was the most exciting this year, with housemates jumping over walls and screaming thru rooms to get to each other. That’s what we need, a bit of spark. Some action. None of this regimented corporate let’s save the figures bollocks.

Who will win? Sadly, it seems, THEY decide…

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