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The best years of your life…?

August 3, 2006

Given the choice, I reckon most of us would kill to go (back) to uni. No taxes, low beer prices, nothing to do all day but watch telly (drool)… But I’m not that jealous of the BB housemates, who have gone over all geeky for this week’s shopping task (although I’d kill for a BB University sweatshirt… So if anyone knows where I can get my sticky mitts on one, let me know).

Complete with student’s union (shudder) the BB house is a full-on campus and housemates actually have to (gulp) study to earn their diploma (it wasn’t like that in my day). Here are the housemates and their hilariously-allotted subjects:
Richard and Susie: Welsh (yeah, right!)
Imogen and Mikey: Anatomy (snore)
Pete and Jennie: English and Drama
Aisleyne and Glynn: Communication Studies (hilarious)

So, it looks like BB has thought of everything for an authentic university. So, expect housemates to start whinging that someone drank their wine, a bit of bed hopping, bitching and backstabbing, two-timing, mature students looking down their noses at the younger students, gays in-fighting, raucous parties and that-dull-one-in-the-corner-no-one-talks-to…


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