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Irritating advert no 3451

July 26, 2006

The bloke from the new Coke Zero advert must be some relative of the kid from the Frosties advert – they have to come from the same annoying, i’d-poke-my-eyes-out-than-listen-to-him gene pool. Every time this ad comes up on the telly I just want to punch this absolute tosser (who can’t seem to undo women’s bras, the twat).

The advert starts with the premise, “why can’t all good things in life come without down sides?” and then goes on to list all the things that men apparently like but have downside: girlfriends without the five-year plan, work mates without the work, bras without the fiddling, mobile phones without the annoying ringtones all the while trailing this City loser-boy as he and his ‘work mate’ gather a band of brothers (all with quiffed hair and trendy clothes) towards a huge Coke Zero banner, hanging off a tall building.

Do Coke really think this is the man for their marketing campaign? Coke Zero is obviously aimed at blokes who feel they can’t drink Diet Coke as it’s a woosy girl’s drink, so why front it with The Office Wanker? No one wants to be like him, and he certainly ain’t macho. It’s a shame because (tortoises aside) Coke’s campaigns usually hit the nail on the head (who can forget the Diet Coke break ads, eh?)

Anyway, Pepsi tastes much better (IMO)…

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