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July 18, 2006

Mikey and Imogen are the epitome of the Good-Looking People at their Worst complex. They’re just soooo god-damned fit that they don’t have to bother about any kind of personality. They float along, with the occasional “yeah, babe” “no babe” “three bags full, babe” and generate very little else in terms of actual conversation. Because they don\t have to. They have their looks to fall back on…

I’m surprised Mikey’s hands aren’t scraping along the floor, he’s so vacant. Pretty vacant… (Ha-thank you!) His only memorable moments so far have been storming around, cave-man stylee, in various arguments with Richard and his ‘heroic’ night helping fellow cave-man Glynn with his vomiting (how much character do you need to stand there, rubbing someone’s back while they hack up their intestines?)

Everyone wants Glynn to win as he’s ‘had a journey’. But Glynn’s ‘journey’ from boy to man is not what everyone thinks it is. The reason Glynn couldn’t boil an egg, or make toast before his arrival in the BB house is because his mum has always done it for him. So it’s not like he’s decided to learn for himself – he’s had to.

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