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Does. Not. Compute.

July 14, 2006

I’m starting to think that Imogen is some sort of robot. She seems able of expressing only a limited number of phrases. “Yeah I know, babes, I know,” and “Joo know what I mean, babes?” being on her most-played list. Plus when Spiral was having a bitch last night in the garden and she stuck her shades on, there was definite Terminator action going on there… Watch her. Fear her.
All this vacant beauty seems to do is agree to whatever anyone says, and is content to just sit there listening with a perpetual bored expression on her face. The only time she seems interested is when she’s peering at her own image in a mirror. Which is a lot. I might start counting how many times she says the word “babe” or “babes” in an episode. Could turn into quite a good drinking game actually:
Imogen says “babe” or “babes” = one shot
Imogen sunbathes = one shot
Imogen flirts with Mikey = two shots
Imogen says she and Mikey are just mates = three shots
Imogen looks at herself in the mirror = down the bottle

And another thing about Imogen. She is not Miss Wales. She came forth, OK? She’s a Miss Wales contestant (or loser as I like to think of it). I mean, she a pretty girl and that, and this is not out of jealousy. It’s merely stating a fact.

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