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Bye bye Rose…

July 10, 2006

*sniffle* Saturday night, 7:43 (ish) pm and I’m a big soggy mess on the sofa. I’m saying goodbye to Rose Tyler, on the ‘day she died’…

OK, so she didn’t really die, she’s actually just popped over to another dimension with her mum, dad and Micky – but hey, she’s dead to the Doctor and that’s all that matters *sob*! And, *sniff* she told him she loved him! But he couldn’t return the sentiment as some weird time vortex malarkey collapsed and *wail* it was too late… *sigh*

Ahem. So then. Dr Who… Not being a huge Who fan or anything, I was very surprised at how gripped I’ve been by the series since David Tennant arrived (and no, it’s not coz he’s fit…). I do remember vaguely watching it with my brother when we were younger (and hiding behind the sofa because the Cat People were very scary), but it’s not as if I’ve got all the books and have watched all the episodes that have ever been made like some uber geeks out there (yes, I mean you *wink wink*).

But whatever the True Fans make of the past two series, what I like about the current run of Dr Who is that it’s brought in new fans (like myself) who are happy to sit down and follow Rose *sob* and the Doctor on their adventures of a Saturday evening (I even turned down drinkies with mates for one episode – turned out to be crap tho, dammit). But anyway, point is, it doesn’t matter that the sets aren’t wobbly any more or that there’s too much SFX, or that the Doctor doesn’t have a mad scarf or whatever. Good sci-fi should not be exclusive and that’s what I love about Russel T and his team. They’ve gone out of their way to make Dr Who accessible to all… Yay them!

And yay to the Christmas special where we get to meet the New Companion. Although with past dalliances in Crossroads and The Bill (who hasn’t been on the Bill these days?), I’m not holding out much hope…

Apparently she won’t be in the Xmas special… Apparently Russel T has something else in store… Hmmmm *strokes chin* wonder what *that* could be…

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