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I’m ready for Love

July 7, 2006

Hate to say it, but I’m starting to get a bit bored of Big Brother. Nicki is increasingly tiresome with her mountain of woes (plus the whole talking about yourself in the third person ain’t an endearing quality). Her strange gesticulations make me think she’s trying to communicate with arthritic aliens or something, and while at first, her princess outbursts were amusing (if shocking that someone of her age could actually be like that), now they’re just plain aggravating.

They really screwed up the whole House Next Door thing too. It was so promising, but the fact that the Neighbours could hear when ‘evictees’ entered the BB house, kinda put a dampner on the whole Aisleyne evicting them thing (and yet she still did her weeping act over it, hmmmm). And why did they reveal that she was next door anyway? Wouldn’t it have been better if she’d just suddenly walk through the door and throw them all off kilter? The whole thing was pretty unfair against Aisleyne anyway – those who nominated her before will nominate her again (furious that she’s been given a second chance), and those she ‘evicted’ from the House Next Door will nominate her for ‘evicting them’ so she really doesn’t have a leg to stand on, poor thing…

No, it’s all gone a bit flat really.

Thank god then for the second series of Love Island (ITV, daily from Monday 10th, 9pm) – good timing! Note the dropped celebrity. Not sure why they bothered, seeing as last year’s bunch weren’t exactly A list either. See below for the new motley crew…

Lady Victoria Hervey – what, did they have a 2-4-1 deal or something? Thought Isabella created so much drama last year they’d have another bash?

Sophie Anderton – she of the ‘constantly-smelling-shite” facial expression tries the more pampered version of being stuck in a hot place with Z-listers (only this time she’ll be munching on real balls… probably).

Alicia Douvall (or Do All, as I like to call her) – she’ll probably melt in the heat by Day Two.

Colleen Shannon – she’s a credible DJ doncha know. Don’t let the fact that she’s an ex-Playboy Bunny at all influence your respect for her and her music, now…

Kelle Bryan – an ex girl band member, she’s this year’s Liz Kitten, I’m hoping Kelle will be the one we all desperately want to find lurve.

Bianca Gascoigne – got her looks from her mother, then…

Shane Lynch – he’s dressed as Prince Charming, bless…

Leo Ihenacho – they couldn’t get the famous one from The Streets so they got his mate instead.

Lee Otway – for some serious ab-watching, girls.

Brendan Cole – because we all need a bit of cheese.

Chris Brosnan – this year’s Callum Best: a hunk with Daddy issues.

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