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Uber quick

June 28, 2006

Still mourning the loss of my wide screen while this footy malarky is dumped upon us…

However, have managed to squeeze in a few TV nougats:

– I see Lea has successfully taken over Grace’s mantel as the biggest hypocrite of the house. If she goes on about not being fake one more time I might just have to eat my entire fist out of frustration. And enough of this “Suzy’s so posh and we’re all common” bollocks. The lady is classy and dignified and shows you up. And you knows it… Being a dirty bitch is nothing to be proud of, Lea…

– So this new house jobbage: will whoever goes in there still be able to win BB? Will they come back again after a time? And will the ‘neighbours’ be eligible if they are (as seems so) being classed as housemates? Most interesting.

– Dark horses
Finally some condenders to Pete’s winner’s crown! Glyn is doing well on his quest – everyone loves a quest. Aisleyne isn’t the blonde dolly-bird I admit I rthought she was. OK, so she’s started to bitch, but at least she’s funny with it (that falling out of bed gets me every time – yes I have it on repeat).

– Pete. Dude. Grow some balls and tell Lea et al to naff off. If you don’t want any from them, then do the decent thing and stop leading them on. Tell Lea to cut the suffocating and let you get on with it.

Yet more thrilling storylines from daan saarrrf:

The Minty/GarySJ love triangle (snore)
Bradders and Stacey get it on (hurl)

The only good thing about Enders right now is (I hate to say it) the Kevin/Denise partnership. On his own, Phil Daniels can’t act his way out of a paper bag (‘parklife!’) – sorry, couldn’t help it – but with Diane Parish, he’s a comic genius reminiscent of the likes of Jack Dee…

A first for these pages, Hollyoaks is fast becoming my new fave soap (listen up, Enders writers). OK, so the acting is terrible (so is Enders) and the scripts arne’t that great (ditto Enders) but the storylines are pure trash (as opposed to hash) and they’re all MUCH better looking than Pat. And Peggy. And Gary… Nuff said.

So farewell Mandy. I shall miss your stupidly long extensions, ever-present lip gloss and just-behind-the-times dress sense (bless you). So now, if memory serves, we’re left with Nick Pickard as the only original cast member. Womder how long he’s got, eh?

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  1. Rhian permalink
    June 29, 2006 8:20 am

    Yay! Good to see you back posting! Why don’t you review Doctor Who?!

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