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She said that you said that I said…

June 6, 2006

And this Saturday’s task for the BB inmates will be trying to work out what all the fuss was about last night. From what I could gather, Lisa told Sam that Lea had said Sam was an arse licker. Well, correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Sam technically a gay man right now, so would that be on her/his sexual repertoire anyway? Heh heh.

Seriously though, Lea got on her high horse and was incredulous that Lisa could suggest such a thing (even though Lea and her new best friends Grace, Imogen and Nikki had been bi-atching about Sam all day every day since the poor lamb arrived), and stormed off to confront Lisa. Cue Lisa’s detraction that, no, she didn’t say exactly that. She had said that Lea had said that Sam was too nice to everyone. Why couldn’t Lisa just do the decent thing and say, “yeah, actually she did say that. In fact we all think you’re just being a bit overly nice to everyone and it’s getting on our tits (some tits more than others, *cough* Lea)

What pissed me off about the whole episode last night was that Lea should know better than to gang up on someone if she’s been bullied herself, as she keeps telling us (and telling us, and telling us). She supposedly hates fake people, but of all the housemates, Sam is strangely the most real. She refuses to undergo an operation to remove her man’s bit and is even iffy about having implants, instead insisting that it wouldn’t feel like her. Fair play, I say. It’s laughable that Lea hates fake people. She, who wears a belt with the word ‘fake’ on it. She, with the MM boobs, extensions in her hair and (badly) drawn eyebrows.

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