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And the desperate bid for popularity award goes to… (number 2)

June 6, 2006

Huge U-turn of the week award goes to BB Grace and her “I think Richard’s OK, really” at the end of last night’s BB. This after spendning an evening with him chatting about (of course, what else?) her and Mikey’s relationship and how great they are together.

It was hilarious when she and Mikey were sitting in Nowhere after the others had left and she whispered “they’re all so fake.” “Who?” he replied and for a split second, the girl just didn’t know. It’s as if she’s painted herself into a corner where everyone’s fake but her. Now Grace, think logically, if everyone’s fake but you… maybe… you’re the one with the problem? Perhaps?

No? OK, let’s go back to talking about you then shall we?

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