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And the desperate bid for popularity award goes to… (number 1)

June 6, 2006

You’d never have guessed we’re gearing up to the World Cup on Albert Square. No, not with Minty and Gary entering a ludicrous magazine competition to win World Cup final tickets. Or even Dean’s “We Still Believe” T-shirt. Or even Ian’s comedy bunting in the café. Or perhaps even that in the background of every. Single. Shot, there waves a couple of St Georges (and that’s not rhyming slang by the way). Jesus Christ, I can see the writers now, sitting around their planning meeting: “Shit, what can we do to trounce Corrie now? We need to become more popular to the British People.” “Oh look, The World Cup Bandwagon. Do you guys think it’s too late to jump on board?” “Nah, surely not.”

Elsewhere, Mauwer-tin is angry with Pauline for interfering in his plans to take Rebecca to her gran’s funeral. I wouldn’t worry too much Mart, the actress was as good as a corpse anyway… Dead wood ain’t the word for her acting skills.

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