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Bless you

June 5, 2006

Finally something other than BB to talk about! God’s Next Army (CH4, 8pm) was pretty unnerving to say the least. It depicted a college of “elite” home-schooled Evangelical children, who are admitted into a college who’s main purpose is to ensure the employment into the US Senate a generation of sandal-wearing Jesus freaks to ensure the perpetuation of right-wing, Evangelical politics.

I felt so sorry for these children (because that’s what they are, having been taken away from society their whole lives, not mixing with kids their age, instead socialising with their families and other Evangelists). Described as the ‘elite’ (the Christian Ivy League students) one kid had never even travelled on the underground before… He spent the entire journey contemplating a train running on electricity… I suppose we, in our sinful selves, take this sort of thing for granted, but you just can’t help but feel sorry for these sheltered innocents who have never experienced anything to the contrary of what their parents, priests and bible tell them. They’ve never been allowed to make up their own mind – brainwashing in its literal sense.

It’s always amusing seeing those with extreme beliefs fall down and it happened about half an hour into the documentary. One youngster boldly declared his wide-eyed opinion that women should stay at home if the family have children. Camera pans to the next Condeliza Rice who frowns, shakes her head and then proceeds to try and work out what she really feels as a women, compared to her own strong Christian beliefs. They clearly conflicted. Stuttering and mumbling – yes, she’s really the embodiment of America’s elite.

Incidentally, I saw very few smiles on these children throughout the programme. OK, so loving the Lord is serious business, but surely if they were that enraptured, they’d be smiling?

*Disclaimer* I have nothing against kids being home schooled or women staying at home to raise children. And I have nothing against people having faith. But it’s when their lives are stifled by these things that’s sad and rather upsetting.

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  1. jessica martinez permalink
    June 5, 2006 8:31 pm

    hello madge,

    I was skimming thru the blogs and you title caught my eye.. I said to myself, finally someone who has the right stuff. But as i continued to read my opinion began to sway.

    I would like to defend the “sheltered innocents” as you call it. Society calls home schooling a terrible thing to do with their own kids. It is a choice parents make to not only keep the belief of Jesus Christ and his principles in tact, but to also protect their children from the perverseness that is going on in the schools these days.

    They are exposed to many of the good things in the world. Peoples view about keeping the faith has forced us christians to stand on the beliefs of the bible.

    We are constantly getting ridiculed for our beliefs. Is it so wrong to believe that a woman, if she could, stay home? is it? There are so many young children these days who are raising themselves, b/c the parents believe it or not want a better life! for whom? The kids.. while their at work, the kids are out playing. Raising their other siblings, cooking.. Having people over. Experimenting.. With that comes, teenage pregnancies, diseases to name a few. Then here they come, crying and wondering why.

    I believe in women working, but the question is, who are they working for?

    The opinions on gay marriages. mostly is its ok.. NOt my problem, it is what it is. We have children raising babies. Well, thats not my kid, not my problem. We mention prayer in school and now that is a violation of church and state..When the name of Jesus is mentioned, it is an offense. But when 911 came, why did so many cry to God? Lets face it. we are raising a group of children who can grasp the world they live in, but stand on the bible and live the life God intended us to live.


    A believer.
    God Bless YOu

  2. Anonymous permalink
    June 6, 2006 11:09 am

    I wish there’d been “perverseness” when I was at school, it sounds like fun.

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