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A bit of glamour

May 30, 2006

Couldn’t contain my mirth when Grace, Imogen and Nikki were talking about glamour modelling the other day. On her high horse, Grace stated that she’d never do Nuts, Zoo or any of “those” types of magazine. Only ones like Maxim will do for Miss Prim. Imogen nodded and uttering mumerings of agreement. Funny then that she was featured doing a bit of glamour in a recent issue of Zoo in a string bikini… And they stuck her on the cover with a horrid chiffon number…

Then when Grace scoffed at those who sleep with footballers, Imogen agreed it was dirty when the little scrut herself has shagged Dwight Yorke (but then, who hasn’t eh?)

Grace haughtily predicted that Lea and Nikki are sure to do a naughty pose together after their time in the house. Sweetheart, one sniff of fame, and you’ll be desperately dropping your kecks to rub nips with Imogen. And you know it.

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