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It just gets worse and worse…

May 22, 2006

Look now, Enders writers: If you carry on with this ‘will they, won’t they’, ‘on again, off again’ namby-pamby mind-numbingly tedious, done-before-and-they’ll-do-it again bullshit with Little Mo and the Doc, I’ll seriously have to consider abondoning the staple soap in my TV diet… I don’t care about those two – they make a wet weekend look like a trip through the Arizona desert. After eating sand. With a hangover.

But best comedy moment of the night goes to Phiw Meechoo who managed to camoflage himself by standing near barrels of beer daan in the cellar. ‘Phiw? All we can see is a big floating red face. Where’s the rest of yer?’

Oh, and also comendations to the Demon Child that is Ben Meechoo for finally caining the crap out of that Janine-replacement, Courtney (can she really be the spawn of our beloved Tiff-RIP? Surely not…).

And Little Mo – There’s a lot wrong with Barnstaple

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