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In the eye of the beholder…

May 18, 2006

Some FIT men in The Line Of Beauty (BBC2, 9pm) last night. First up is Nick, a blue-eyed floppy-haired, clean-cut youngun fresh from Oxford university, who finds himself living with his friend Toby’s family, who are so rich they have a cook and everything. He meets working-class Leo through the gay personal ads and they get jiggy together in various parks around London. Then there’s Wani, an heir to a multi-million pound fortune with a cocaine habit.

Nice that they’ve got Captain Darling from Blackadder in it as I always thought he was a rather good actor. Just a shame you expect Rowan Atkinson to appear any minute: “Of course, Darling…” etc etc. One downer in the form of precotious young Catherine, who cuts her wrists and comes out with ‘shocking’ conversation pieces like how good a shag her boyfriend is. I’m sure she’s meant be the Interetsing Kooky Tortured One, but she’s actually very nausiating. Hope she dies of an OD first…

One thing I’m a bit confused about though. Last night, Nick and Leo are fumbling around in a bush (nice) and Nick says, “I’ve never done this before.” “Really?” I think to myself. “Coming from Oxford University? In the 80s? Are you sure about that, young Nicolas?”

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  1. Rhian permalink
    May 18, 2006 8:39 pm

    No fair, I forgot it was on! Doesn’t look like it’s being repeated either 😦 Ah well, it’ll be out on DVD eventually

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