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Grant Mitchell: Love God?

May 17, 2006

So the Enders writers have yet again ‘saved the show’ by lazily bringing back two of its most popular characters (Gwant and Phiw – Peggy). Shame the writers didn’t try and save the show BY WRITING SOMETHING BETTER. One BAFTA and all is rosy, huh? Well, no not really…

Not only is Gwant neanderthalling it about the Square in a too-tight biker jacket Posh would be proud of (Posh circa 2000, that is) but he’s also turned into Wide-Mouth-frog-Gwant, who looms over Jane like he’s about to eat her whole, whispering… sweet… nothings… while… pausing… every… few… words… for… emphasis… His delivery makes the writers’ words seem even more clunky and theatre-college than usual. How skilled he is…

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    May 17, 2006 2:08 pm

    But does anyone tune in with expectations of De Niro-style complexity and pathos from Walford’s troupe of thespians? Isn’t it a bit like going to McDonalds and complaining that the McT-Bone Mega Ribsticker doesn’t cater for a sophisticated palette?

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